Start Sylpheed with only the compose window open (patch)

Posted March 15th, 2006 in Downloads, Linux by Damian

This patch I wrote adds a command-line option to hide Sylpheed’s main window at startup and quit when done composing. Useful if you don’t like your inbox popping up when you click on a mailto link in a browser and Sylpheed is your default mail app.

Example setting in Preferred Applications of Gnome:

sylpheed --no-main-window --compose %s

Note that this is just a dirty patch and it works with Sylpheed 2.0.4. I sent a proposal to sylpheed developers some time ago, but I don’t know if/when the feature will be implemented properly.

Download Sylpheed patch (.gz)

2 Responses so far.

  1. Do you know if anything has been done with Sylpheed? This is exactly what I need, and I wanted it on Windows. I don’t know how to apply the patch in Windows, is that possible?


  2. Although I haven’t been up to date with Sylpheed’s development for quite some time, I suppose you could apply this path in Windows without problems.

    However, it’s been a while since I published this patch (it’s really old) and you would have to compile the program from source in Windows.

    If you are really keen on getting this feature you can always examine the patch and reapply the changes to a more recent version of Sylpheed. :)

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